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Rhodes Places of interest

Lindos city
One of the three leading state – cities of the ancient times, is just 35 km away from the resort. Built around the steep, dominating 116 meters high rock where you can see the acropolis with the long arc and the temple of Athena, is another proof of the inspired creativity of the inhabitants of this island through the times. The little white Aegean style houses with the picturesque lanes next to samples of the art of ancient Greece as shown on the huge war ship carved with astonishing details on the way to the top of the acropolis. At the edge of the city the long beach with the golden fine sand meets the crystal clear blue sea, giving a good reason for a relaxing cool break before settling down in the café and restaurants, making your day a perfect experience.

The Therme of Kallithea
The healing source of Kallithea which provided with water this structure of the Italian period of the beginning of the 20th century is dried out. However the incomparable skill of the Italian architecture combining with the enchanting beach, the rocky surrounding and the blue water make the whole place worth visiting it.

The Hill of Filerimos
With the panoramic view of the western side of Rhodes, here you will find a religious complex of ancient temples as well as catholic and orthodox churches next to the path with the signs of the religious order of the heretic self-whipped monks.


Valley of the Butterflies
Nobody knows the reason why millions of butterflies chose this valley, covered with typical vegetation of all kinds, to make their biggest community in this world. Small paths next to the running water will lead you to the trees with the thick trunks, that are covered with the butterflies resting during the day. The slightest noise is enough to create a multicolored cloud of these beautiful creatures, as they fly away frightened, before they will choose the next tree to cover and paint with their wings.

Seven Springs
In the heart of one of the biggest forests in Rhodes are situated the (seven) springs were the Italians took advantage to create artificial lakes and tunnels with running water, a cool break in the heat of the summer.

Profitis Ilias Mountain
The two hotels ‘Elafos’ and ‘Elafina’ built in the typical tyrolian architecture style by the Italians are dominating over the green surrounding, overlooking to the blue sea.

The beach in Tsambika, Haraki and Kolymbia
Some of the most favourite beaches in Rhodes, with fine sand or shingles, satisfying all kinds of taste.

The south-east edge of Rhodes Island Prassonisi

The south-east edge of Rhodes Island, where the stormy western side is separated from the peaceful eastern side by a wide piece of sandy path.


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The Medieval City
A UNESCO Heritage Site. According to UNESCO it is “one of the most beautiful urban ensembles of the Gothic period”.  Surrounded by a 4 km wall, it is the most well preserved city of the 14th century.

Lindos City
One of the three leading state cities is dominated by the Acropolis and the Temple of Athena on the top of a 116 m high rock.


Why Rhodes
A Crossroads of Civilizations

Rhodes lies in the south eastern Aegean Sea with an area of 1,400 sq. km, is one of the largest Greek islands

  Outstanding natural beauty, olive groves and citrus trees
The Old Town; The Medieval City – A UNESCO Heritage Site
  The Valley of Butterflies - Part of Natura 2000 networking programme due to its importance as a rare biotope


The Valley of Butterflies
thousands of butterflies on the “oriental sweetgum trees”




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